Saturday, March 28, 2009

Well just over two weeks to go until the start or my adventure at the Culinary. Lots to report about today. I received the contact information about my roommate and called him. His name is Michael and he is from Waco Texas and is the same age as me so like he said to me and I quote “I guess it's never too late--even for old farts like us. I think the CIA pairing process is indicative of their concern for the welfare of the students, and that's a good thing. I was worried about getting stuck with a bunch of 20-something’s” my sentiments exactly.
I have been doing the shopping thing getting all the supplies I should need to outfit a college dorm room plus getting new dress shoes, kitchen clogs and other required clothing. The dress code at the Culinary is not like you’re typical college they have a “Professionalism, Uniform and Hygiene Policy” booklet that is sent to each student and it’s 20 pages long covering everything a student needs to know about how to dress and act at the Culinary. No jeans and tee shirts to class or meals, one has to dress professionally when going to and from class as well as in the student dining rooms.
Well I need to run I have lots to get done in the next two weeks, check back often after the 14th to see what’s happening at the CIA