Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ok its official I sent the tuition check for the first semester so the countdown begins only 7 weeks until the first day of Culinary College. I have started to collect some of the stuff one needs when they go to college and will be collection a lot more over the next couple weeks. I hope my car is big enough to get it all to campus when the time comes.
On another note I just received the check for my first paying job as a chef, as some of you may know I went to Washington DC to work for a catering firm during the inauguration in January for 3 days. It was the most amazing work I worked as a chef at three major inauguration events, a Brunch that served 2200 people, a Multi Course sit down Dinner served to 1300 people that the President and Vice President Elect were in attendance, and a 5 hour Lunch Buffet for over 1200 people in an office building overlooking the parade route. All this work was done in makeshift kitchens two were set up in a tent outside and one was in a lunch room. So after that trip I guess now I can say I am a Professional Chef since I have been paid to cook.

Also this past week a was requested to make a special birthday cake for a friend’s 6 year old son he wanted one of the cars from the movie “CARS” I have put a photo of the cake here so you can see how it turned out.
Keep checking back for more updates and I expect they will get more interesting after I get to campus.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Well I got the results of my writing and math test and I don’t have to take the remedial math and writing classes I guess in the 20 plus years running a company I learned how to do basic math and writing. I also got the report from my doctor and despite the fact that I have abused my body for the past 54 years I sill passed the required college physical that included some very strange tests. I will be visiting the Culinary Institute on Tuesday to check with the admissions department on one outstanding issue and if all is in order I will make my first tuition payment. Poor Heidi has to work to support having three kids in college.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Start

I will be starting class on April 14th. Last week I took Compass tests to determine if I need to take the basic Math and English Classes as well as went to see my doctor to get a physical to complete the college medical forms.