Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Well folks time for an update.
Things are very busy here at the Culinary these days. Baking and Pastry skills class ended last Friday with a flurry. My team made cool chocolate candies. First we made bite size marshmallows then we dipped them in milk chocolate and rolled them in gram cracker crumps before they hardened. You all should know what that makes. Baking and Pastry class was lots of fun I learned how to make several types of bread, pies, cakes, chocolate mouse and the candies. On cake decorating day I finished my cake in less than a half an hour all of the kids in the class took two or three times as long, sometimes it good to show them that the old man still has it. My grade in Baking class was an A and with that effort I have final been able to get my GPA back to the 3.50 level and with any luck I can keep it there so I finish this semester on the Dean’s List.
This week my class is all about cuisine of the Mediterranean and Europe. The first three days are the cuisines of the Middle East then we do three days of Spanish cuisine then four days of Italian cuisine then three days of French cuisine to finish out the class on December 22. I get a break from then until January 4th when I start seven days of class on serving tables in the banquet dining room.
Until next time please enjoy your food and thank the chef because someone worked hard to make it for you.