Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Well Asia’s is keeping me very busy. We are making all kinds of food I have never heard of before and have no idea how to make. The chef is a very cool guy and he shows us lots of neat stuff. For the next three days we will be making cuisine of India. And Friday is the final exam for this block and next week we start in the quantity food production kitchen K16. This is the kitchen that produces the largest number of student meals each day around 1200 or so. They typically do 500-600 lunches a day and we start with lunch on Tuesday. We do lunch for seven days the class starts at 6:45 am with a lecture but we have to get the food and have it all put away before the start of lecture so that means we will be starting closer to 6:00 am. After those seven days are over we move to breakfast service and that class starts at like 1:30 am the good news is we are done by about 8:00am so we have all day free but need to get to bead very early. I have lots of work to do over the next couple weeks as we have to a cooking practical test in November before we can go on extern and I need to get all my recipes and game plans set up for that. Thanks for stopping by and visiting and feel free to leave a comment.