Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Well the vacation is over and it’s back to the kitchen to learn lots of new things to cook. First the trip to Italy and the cruise was great. We toured Venice and Rome for a couple days at each end of the cruise and saw lots of cool stuff in the ports the ship visited. We took about 1000 photos and now I need to review and edit them. Like I need more stuff to do. I would like to think once my writing class project on foie gras is done I should have more time. What’s that all about you ask? My writing class made the decision a couple months ago to do a group writing project and the subject is foie gras. Each student in the class took a different aspect of the subject and is writing a paper on it. I took the production of foie gras as my topic. We plan to present the papers in an auditorium and invite all the students and faculty from campus that are interested in learning about foie gras to attend in a couple weeks so we are in the final stages of writing and reviewing all the papers. Until next time.

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